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S/O Amusing:

I once walked around all day with a giant coffee stain on me.

This was in college. I'd stopped to get coffee in the morning, and spilled it as I sat down to drink, but looked down at myself, looked at the table, cleaned up what I saw, and thanked my stars I didn't get it on myself. I went about the rest of my day, and yes, stopped in bathrooms - with mirrors too high for me to see below the boob line.

I finally got back to the dorm and used the restroom there, where there was a full-length mirror, and lo and behold: a giant coffee stain below my breasts. Of course, I couldn't see that looking down at myself, and none of my friends bothered to mention it all day long. 


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    Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    It was college. They probalby assumed you were becoming a hippie or something.

    I walked around all day Wednesday with a purple jaw and chin because nobody told me I got ink on me from hugging Dad.
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    awesome-sauceawesome-sauce member
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    Some college students wear pajamas and crocks, with socks. NFT.
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