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Since I feel badly about high jacking zzilla's baptism post.

Boys are circumcised on the 8th day of life. It's done in a ceremony called a bris. There are some prayers, a moyhel nips the tip, baby's hebrew name is announced, everyone drinks some wine and we eat.

Girls have a baby naming ceremony. Generally done on during a Friday evening services, though it can be done as a private function on another day. Usually done at about 3 months, there really isn't a "must do by" date like with a bris. The rabbi/cantor blesses the child, the family and gives the girl her hebrew name. Afterwards there is some sort of eating event (on a Friday night the family might host the oneg - the post-service snack time. Or if it's a private event they'll do whatever they like)

Re: BR Jewishness

  • I will not lie, the idea of having a non-medical person whack around my boy's junk is a bit scary.
  • Zzilla, probably at our apartment or at whatever synagogue we choose to join. I'm also semi-hoping that MIL or my mom offers to host/plan it. Otherwise it falls on me to get it all together.

    Pmeg, moyhels are very well trained and many of them are medical personnel.
  • hmm, interesting.  both our boys were circ'd by peds.  maybe your hospital is different.
  • It really depends on how things are going. Do I really want to drive out to NJ or LI while sitting on an inflatable donut and babying my stitches? Or do I let them plan it and have it at my house where at least I can retreat to my bedroom and cry if I need to.

    Luckily I have a little time to think about this.
  • let them plan it and have it at your house. get them to clean or hire a maid for you. i think you'll appreciate not having to worry about it. 

    (my OB practice said they'd be doing the circ as well - maybe it's not that unusual?)
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