Mini Checks...

  • I bought some generic thank you cards for the shower and any early presents that match my chocolate brown theme ($5 with coupon from Michael's).
  • I bought white cardstock and red cardstock for the programs.
  • I bought another "outfit" for b-pics.
  • I bought 3 bottles of our favorite champagne with was on sale and had $3 mail in rebate (I'm going to get more but I could not pass up the final price $5 per bottle with sale and rebate).
  • Bought Bachelorette stuff for the wedding after mine that I am a MOH in:)

If it sounds like I spent way to much money today... you are right I did. I needed everything and it was on my list but it is so hard to save for the wedding (vendors) and buy all the small stuff:)

Re: Mini Checks...

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    Great checks!

    What's your fav champagne? That's a great deal! Is it one rebate per household? Because you could go back and do it again and then send in the rebate with your FI's info. Ditto to get your mom involved, etc. :)
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    Awesome checks!!
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    It's Ballatore- its sweet! It is one per household and i got three so I am going to hav eto get a few others involved;)
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