Wedding Woes

s/o dog gates...when we were getting the dog, we got baby gates

and the cat (the fat old one--she's not that old but she's REALLY lazy) was bound and determined that she couldn't/wouldn't jump the gates.

we bribed w/ treats, we got her used to them...everything.
She refused.

We bring home a puppy 1/3 of her weight?  she was leaping them like a pro in no time.

So, last year, the Mr decide, since we put up a gate every night, to improve the gate from the crappy pressure-held thing to one of the 'nice' ones that latches and you open and you mount to the wall.
He found one--fit in that doorway and was about 2" higher than what we had.  He bought it, he mounted it to the wall, he was thrilled.  the little cat was jumping back and forth over it.
He put the big-cat on one side of it and shook the treat jar on the other...
Big cat jumped.

Big cat got HIGH CENTERED.Many panicks and a day of limping later, we left the gate up for a week and she REFUSED to try it again.  and that 2" is apparently to much of a difference to overcome.

SO the gate was returned.
ANd we only have the crappy pressurized ones.
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