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Etiquette: Bachelorette, Picking Bridesmaids, etc.

Re: Etiquette: Bachelorette, Picking Bridesmaids, etc.

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    I high suggest lurking around the etiquette board. The women there give great, practical advice.

    That being said, your friend probably has other stuff going on in her life. She is also not required to do anything for your wedding other than buy the dress, show up, be sober and smile pretty for pictures. Was she your MOH, and now you changed your mind?? There is no nice way to do this because it is incredibly rude and also a move that could very much end your friendship. 

    I suggest taking a step back and seeing her as your friend, someone you chose to be next to you on your wedding day, versus what you consider a crappy bridesmaid. 
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    So, wedding out of the picture, has it occured to you to ASK your friend what's wrong?  Not, "I notice you're being crappy about my wedding," but "Hey, I notice you seem to be stressed lately.  Something going on?  You feeling okay?", y'know being an actual friend to her.  She might need one.
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