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weekend ?

I am having lunch with HIO on Saturday at the new burger place I've been dying to go to for months. I hope baby HIO kicks me when I rub her belly. :)

And yes, that probably means adding a week to the "wearing of new jeans" timeline.

Sunday we might do this "lego club" thing with the kids. It's new for us, and they are still on the toddler "duplo" blocks. It'll be interesting if they mix with the smaller legos. Personally, I have no desire to have smaller legos in my house any sooner than absolutely necessary.


Re: weekend ?

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    Those hurt like a momo when you step on them.

    When nephew comes to visit, we are taking him to the lego store. I am pretty sure he is going to have a stroke.
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    Tomorrow - taking niece and nephew to see "Pete the Cat:  Rocking in my School Shoes" in the morning, showing a potential tenant my rental house in the afternoon (fingers crossed - would love to have a new tenant signed by the time my old one moves out at the end of May).  Maybe a movie in the evening if I'm up for it.

    Sunday - meditation class, cleaning house.

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    catching up on much needed sleep. baby is FINALLY sleeping like a normal baby. well, relatively normal. i give lots of credit to putting him in the new daycare and having him on a normal schedule.

    also, shopping.

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    What burger place?  I would like to live vicariously, please. 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Eh, either running around like a chicken with my head cut off doing errands, replacing a dryer vent and learning two new studies for work backwards and forwards. Yay, living' large :P~~~
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    I'll be spending my weekend being sick.   Yay!   I love colds!

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