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M.I.A. Parents???

i never imagined i would have drama during the time that i am planning my wedding, esp not from my family as i wasn't even sure i would ever get married in the first place. sure enough, the only stress i have is the fact that my parents refuse to speak to me and may not attend my wedding due to the fact that i am not having my neice attend the wedding - not only are we not having children at the wedding (a personal decision made by myself and my fiance that i don't make excuses for) but my neice lives in europe and would need to be flown here during the school year. i will be so embarrassed if my parents are not in attendance but don't want to waiver and feel they are being selfish.

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    Have you talked to them about why they feel so strongly about this?  Is having one child there really so bad that it's worth creating all this drama with your family?  Sometimes you have to pick your battles.
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    I agree.  It is your decision and I understand you standing up for it but I don't think its worth not having your parents at your wedding. 

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    Your parents are being totally unreasonable. Stick to your guns. If your parents fail to show up to your wedding over this...something is very wrong with them. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your parents aren't reasonable. They should be embarrassed.
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    I assume you are inviting your aunt/uncle (the niece's parents).Is it reasonable to expect expect them to leave their child in Europe to attend your wedding?  Although I understand the not wanting children at weddings sometimes you need to look at things from a parent's point of view... This maybe what your parents are tying to get you to see.. If you don't budge - don't be suprised if your aunt & uncle decline to attend ..  just a thought from a bride who is also a mom Cool
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