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Family issues

Most of my father's family had disowned my family and won't talk to us, it's a long story but his family are paranoid alcoholics.  My parents still want me to invite them beause they are family, they think they will show up just to see what type of wedding we put on.  The thing I'm struggling with is they are the type of people to get even (for who knows what) or show off.  I am afraid that if they do decide to come they will do anythng to wreck my day.  I've heard stories about what they did when my parents got married 34 years ago and it wasn't good.  I guess my question is should I have security or the groomsmen look out for any trouble?  I also dont' want to make it obvious that I'm expecting problems.  I don't want to offend my father and not inviting them but I don't want to have a gigantic issue to occur.  How many of you are having security?

Re: Family issues

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    weddings are NOT the day to rebuild relationships.

    Taking a highly planned, expensive, HIGH STRESS (even good stress is stress) day and adding volitile, hostile people to the mix?  that's just begging for trouble.
    I'd nix the invite.
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