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Thanks Mom for making me paranoid!

So I took The Chubbs to the pedi yesterday (I'll talk about that more). She said he may have an ear infection and we were sent home with a script for antibiotics.

I emailed my mom last night to ask her a bunch of questions and I let her know about The Chubbs. I get a long email back from her and she ends with..."I hope he doesn't end up like you. You had ear infections for almost two straight years, and all those tube placements and then you had your adenoids out. It was miserable for you and us." I had problems with ear nifections even after that, although not that bad. I do have some residual hearing loss as a result.

Sort of b!tchy yes, but now I"m freaked out that The Chubbs is on this long path of misery and it's all my fault. Thanks Mom!

Re: Thanks Mom for making me paranoid!

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    That's what moms are for, no? Unwanted, unsolicited advice is their specialty.
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    I had the tubes and all that and I actually have moderate hearing loss.
    The important thing is just to be aware of it if the infections become common put the tubes in right away. Don't wait.
    And keep those ears dry (earplugs in the pool, try well after bath etc...)!

    It is actually better that you are aware of the potential complications that way you can keep it from getting out of hand.  Good luck!
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    That's a bummer.  Nico is going through a bunch of this right now.  Tubes aren't terrible, but hopefully it won't come to that.
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