Wedding Woes

I need a new job

Well not really because I love my job, but really..I hate missing all the good stuff here.

PMB's Adam is ADORABLE. I'm so impressed that he was 5 weeks early and so big already! He's gonna have Mr. Chubby beat in weight in no time flat.

I will have to find time and share the story of how DH almost flipped out on MIL and SIL. It was entertaining.

Mr. Chubby is chubby (11 weeks and almost 17 pounds, he's about 24 inches long!) We grow them big around these parts. He's pretty much awesome. I used to hate kids, but Mr. Chubby is pretty awesome. He's a good sleeper and that's all that matters right now. :)

Also, I have pictures of my foot with stitches and such that I"ll have to share soon. Nothing too gross.

So give me updates.

Re: I need a new job

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