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Does Claritin give anyone else strange dreams?

I took a dose before bed last night and dreamed that some guy attacked me in the bathroom at work, so I grabbed his head and poked out his eyes.  The worst part was the feeling of poking his eyes out.  I'm kind of disturbed that my imagination could even come up with that--it seemed pretty realistic.

Re: Does Claritin give anyone else strange dreams?

  • ew!

    I took some last week and it didn't work AT ALL but I did dream something weird. Don't remember what. It didn't top the BBQ ponies, thats for sure
  • No, but Benadryl does. It has to be an anti-histime thing, but I take Zyrtec now and it doesn't do that to me, but I do know it is a different kind of anti-histimine blocker whatever thingy.
  • I take Claritin every night and I have wierd dreams most of the time.  I never thought the two would be connected.
    I once had a dream similar to yours - - I killed a lady in self-defense by strangling her.   It was so vivid.  I remember my hands squeezing her neck tighter and tighter.  I was incredibly distrubed by this dream for weeks, but managed to forget about it until now.  Thanks!  ;)
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