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Ulta shoppers

We're getting an Ulta store here in Columbus.  I've only heard of Ulta through WW and in magazines.   What's so special/different about it?  How does it compare to Sephora?   How is it different that Walgreens or CVS?


Re: Ulta shoppers

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    There are a mix of drugstore AND department store makeup/hair/etc brands in Ulta.

    It's not as pressured in Ulta as Sephora.  They do have less upscale brands than Sephora, but it's definitely worth a try.  And their rewards program is awesome!

    I spent somewhere between $300-$500 in one quarter and received around $70 in free product with their rewards system.  That's a pretty good deal.
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    Wow!   $300-500 in one quarter!!!   Are you a baller or what?   ;)
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    It was christmas season and my mother uses the same reward code as I do. 
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