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My crabby coming out.

I posted something in the my NOW FB group (MO votes yes/no on retaining judges.  I posted the link where the MOBar compiles all the info on judges and gives recommendations on whether or not they're "good" judges and should be retained on peer reviewed/lawyer reviewed/jury reviewed specific issues).

One of the state officers comes on and says, You guys should make your own chapter's voting guide!

My crabby:  Or y'know, people could do the same damn thing I do and print off a sample ballot and google the issues.  y'know, so I'm personally informed and all, rather than letting someone else tell me how to vote.

I'm so done with people who are crying, "IDK what to do/think/believe/vote".

Re: My crabby coming out.

  • Word to all of that.

    And you reminded me that I did want to look up my sample ballot to see the local people who are on there.  Done and done.  :)
  • I voted on Sat and it only took 10 minutes. Yay for early voting.
  • I'm jealous, NOLA.  I've over any excitement of standing in line at the polls.
  • I've debated taking the kids on election day or doing early voting.  They might be more of a pain on the day of, but IT'S ELECTION DAY!

    Do you think the storm will cause voting issues?
  • Some pundits have already started calling the storm the "October surprise".

    The sad part is, it shouldn't, but our voting system is so antiquated.  IDK know if it will or not.  *shrug*.  
  • I do LIKE voter's guides.  But if I were gonna grouse about neding more of them, I'd have to actually be proactive and involvedin politics :-P
  • I think a "voter guide" from the local newspaper is fine.

    I don't like the guides that come from organizations, really.  A bias is a bias, whether it's one you like or not.  I think they're fine to use as a jumping off point, but I'm not a one issue voter (no matter my feminist tendencies).  Shoot, if I were, I'd be voting for Jill Stein, b/c she fits like...3 of my main issues!
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