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Wzz, you'll appreciate this...

I recieve an e-mail today that basically says, "I booked a trip to Brazil, but didn't know I needed a Visa to get in the country.  Oops my bad!  I'll take my refund now."

The rental accomodations through us were ~$1500 and non-refundable w/in 14 days of travel.  He confirmed it online without the assistance of any staff member.

He called in and spoke with a supervisor yesterday and told her it was our fault that we didn't inform him of the required travel docs.  (We're not an airline or TA's, so we're not required to unless there's an alert that states any specific country related information).  She of course told him it's not our responsibility andplusalso, he confirmed this online.  He hung up on her.

I'm currently working on the best 'sorry Charlie' response I can come up with.   I really want to start out with, "What kind of special moron are you?" But I don't think that would go over well. :)

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    ha!  we get this kind of thing all the time.  only it's parents of stupid students who didn't bother to do what was required of them (ie: get a passport, etc.)

    We had one parent call us complaining that she got a bill from the Swedish gov't for $500 because he son over stayed his visa (he had a "travel visa" only good for 90 days...he stayed a full semester, more like 120 days).  He got caught when he was leaving the country and now basically can't enter Sweden again because he was in the country illegally, and he has to pay then $500 for the trouble.

    btch claimed it was our fault for not telling him he needed a visa to go to Sweden.  first of all, wasn't our program he went on.  2nd of all, we say over and over it is the STUDENT'S reponsibility to research and persue any travel documents needed to enter the country legally. 

    too bad, so sad.
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