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actual wr, related to barbie's wr

this happened before our wedding.

dh was supposed to pick me up before we drove to il to get married.  when he went to leave his apt, his doorknob malfunctioned and he couldn't get out of his apt.  he called maintenance, and they said they would come look at it.

after a half hour of waiting, he called again.  maintenance told him that they were looking for him, but they didn't see him.  they looked up and down both hallways, and there was no one there!

yeah, they didn't see him because he was INSIDE the apt, not out in the hallway. 

he told them to come again to his specific apt and knock on the door.  he would not be able to let them inside (you know, because of the being stuck thing) and then maybe they would be able to fix the door please so it would be a door again and not an extension of the wall.

maintenance:  [silence] ... oh.  OH.  you are INSIDE.

Re: actual wr, related to barbie's wr

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    [QUOTE]he didn't try to macguyver himself out after waiting 30 minutes? i kicked the door in when i locked myself out of our apartment with the dog. i wasn't going to wait the 30 -60 minutes until DK got home
    Posted by *Barbie*[/QUOTE]
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