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Highlights from our trip (VERY LONG)

1.  Avoid the Hampton Inn in Clarksville, AR.  It was pretty crappy compared to every other Hampton I've ever stayed in.  Lobby was under construction, the first room they gave us didn't have a fridge as advertised, AC in the second room didn't work (we discovered this after we'd unpacked--ugh).  They said they'd fix it while we were out, but they didn't.  I finally found a button underneath, like the little test switch on your bathroom outlets or the button on a hairdryer plug--it had been tripped and just needed to be pushed in again.  I was annoyed that the people who work there didn't know this, but whatever, it was fixed. 

2.  sFIL seems to be doing well.  He's waiting for results of his follow-up exam, but he looked healthy (though thin) and was in good spirits.

3.  MIL is still MIL.  Y'all, do you know that AGAIN she said the thing about how teaching kids stuff is the teacher's job?  Jeez, once was bad enough, but she acts like she's trying to get it put on a bumper sticker or something.  I think she's trying to make herself feel better because she did jack with her own kids and now she sees how hands-on DH is with DD.  (I am too, but since everything I do is wrong anyway, I doubt that she cares.)  Her house was actually slightly less disgusting--apparently SIL hired someone come in to clean every so often now so that her parents don't live in complete filth.  The bathroom was still untouchable, which would become a problem (see below).  For example, when we stopped by to say goodbye yesterday morning, I ducked into the bathroom to change (also see below) and someone had peed in the toilet and not flushed.  Really?  I know people do this in California sometimes for water conservation, but this is definitely NOT the norm where they live.

4.  DH actually really liked staying in the hotel, which tells you something considering the various problems in #1.  He said that now that he's been away, he can see how dirty his mother's house is.  The less I bring up glaring problems with MIL, the more clearly DH seems to see them.

5.  We celebrated Christmas Sunday with everyone.  No pistachio pudding in a pie crust!  Because there was no dessert at all!  Oh well, I didn't miss it.  The food alone would be worthy of its own post, but let me tell you:  if you can fvck up crescent rolls in a can, you can fvck up anything.  (Hint:  the inside of the crescent should be more like a roll and less like raw dough.  HTH!)  MIL bought me this truly hideous acrylic sweater that had a big, shiny pleather belt across the front.  It didn't go all the way around, it began in one side seam and ended at the other, so that from the back there was no belt at all.  DD got boots:  MIL asked DH what size DD wore, then bought a size smaller than that.  We're donating them, and hopefully some little kid who really needs warm boots this winter will love them.  Or at least have warm feet.

6.  Record scratch moment:  I get a Nobel Peace Prize for not slapping MIL during the festivities.  MIL eats very little (she drinks most of her calories), and what she does eat is absolute crap.  So she kept trying to ply DD with all kinds of junk.  And I get that it's the holidays, and grandparents love to spoil the grandkids.  I'm not unreasonable.  But DH and I both told MIL that treats are just that, an occasional treat.  She can have a piece of candy or a cup of ice cream after she eats something, but not in lieu of actual meals for days on end.  On the third day of this, MIL gave DD a whole one of these (<-- linky) after she had been giving her junk all morning.  I said, "Oh, that's too big for her" and with a smirk that made me want to punch MIL in the face, she said, "Well then you can take it away from her."  Bitch.  Which I did.  I told DD she could have a piece, not the whole thing, and DD walked around with her mouthful of chocolate saying "PIece!  Piece!" 

7.  About half an hour after the chocolate incident, I was holding DD and she threw up ALL OVER both of us.  It was awful.  We took her in the bathroom to clean up and there were old socks and tissues and random crap in the bathtub, which had once been white but was now gray halfway up the side.  And the toilet was...not clean.  At all.  This was when DH really saw how bad things are there and that the hotel was really the only option, forever more.  Fortunately, I brought a backup outfit for DD, and DH was wearing a sweater over a button down, so he gave me his sweater.  But DD threw up twice more and we said our goodbyes and took her back to the hotel, where she threw up again.  Thankfully, they hotel had a guest laundry.

8.  She seemed better in the morning, until we went to check out of the hotel and she threw up all over herself (and me) again.  UGH.  Right in the lobby, in front of the front desk.  All over her lovey.  Jackets, shirts, pants, socks, underwear, she and I needed a complete head-to-toe change, which kind of sucked because our bags were in the car.  DH pulled out whatever clean clothes he could find, the woman at the desk (who was older and way nicer than the woman we dealt with at check in) gave us a big garbage bag, and we tried to make the best of it.  Stopped off to say goodbye to MIL and she launched into teary dramatics about DD being sick and how it broke her heart.  I was about two seconds from telling her to STFU when we left.  I guess I know where DH gets all the melodrama from.

9.  So we were on our way to the airport with a puking kid and a garbage bag full of vomity clothes.  Fortunately, that was the last episode of vomiting.  We were dreading the flight back, but DD slept the whole way.  Took her to the pediatrician when we got back, who cultured her for strep throat (which is going around here) just to be sure.  But the rapid test came back negative, so pending the culture results, he diagnosed DD with a particularly nasty GI virus making the rounds here.  He said that he's seen kids where 19 kids in a single class are out sick with this bug. Prescribed an anti-nausea drug for DD (it's common for preggos but the name escapes me at the moment) because she wasn't drinking much water or Pedialyte and was crying for milk, but milk had been making her vomiting worse, so she was starting to get dehydrated.  She already seems much better today.

So, we survived our trip to MIL's.  Did I miss anything juicy here?  No new babies, right?  IIRC, there's a little lull before the next batch are due?

Re: Highlights from our trip (VERY LONG)

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    **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    Wow.  That makes me tired.

    And don't have to go back soon, right?
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    nicoleg1982nicoleg1982 member
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    Oooh girl, you deserve an award for your restraint.
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Wow...that's quite the ordeal.  I'm glad DD is better.   I cannot imagine being on the road and having a sick kiddo. 

    YAY @ Mr. Heff's epiphany about his mom's house and the nastiness.  I would have punched your MIL if I were you.  You definitely deserve an award for not following through.  I can't imagine having IL's that want to load up a baby/toddler with crap.  So frustrating.

    Did the Dr. give her Zofran?

    I bet you're happy as a clam to be home after that mess.
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    HeffalumpHeffalump member
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    In retrospect, I can't believe any of you read that.  I knew it was long, but jeebus.  You deserve to share in my Nobel Prize.

    mrs.conn, thank you, yes, it's Zofran.  1/4 tsp 20 min. before we give her milk, and she hasn't had any trouble since.  Thank goodness.

    And no, I don't plan to go back until sometime in 2012, at the earliest. 
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    zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    Eeesh.  What a trip.  I'm glad you all survivied. 

    I think I'm going to make H read your post so that he can appreciate my parents house a little more.  It is cluttered but the bathrooms are always clean.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I'm sorry that little one is sick, but oh so glad your husband has seen the light.

    I would love to see a pic of the sweater though.

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    Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    $10 says that crisp kringle is something she found under a couch cushion or in the back of a closet. Did you check the best by date on it?
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    baconsmombaconsmom member
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    I have lived in a desert, and I have never not flushed the toilet. Ever. There's no excuse in the world (aside from having absolutely no water service) for leaving bodily waste, IMO. 

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