Another Q: Crate & Barrel Registry

Did you create your Crate & Barrel Registry before or during the "Registry Party" C&B hosts and you have to sign up for?  Do you think it matters if I create one now, or do they try to push you to create then and there?

We already have one at Macy's, and I wanted to do a rough draft for C&B so I don't go buckwild at the "Party" and use the scanner gun on everything I see.

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Re: Another Q: Crate & Barrel Registry

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    I highly recommend doing it at the party. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to start one online, but make sure you have your password handy and leave the bulk of it for the party. It's nice b/c the store is closed, and they set up food, champagne, and demos for you to see the products first hand.  I loved not having the stress of other customers around.  

    Since you already created one at Macy's, maybe you can make a list of what you still want from Crate and Barrel? Just a thought. Good luck!
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    On a sidenote... I loathe my Macy's registry! We have had to change/add/delete things a TON of times. No bueno.

    Okay, that's all :o)
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    I really enjoyed the registry event that we went to at C&B, mainly because there were additional associates there to answer questions, talk about the differences in their products. No one was pushy or annoying. We had a great time!
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