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What to do about travel after wedding

I know i have posted in the past about our situation, but our wedding date is getting close.  We live in florida and are getting married in ohio.  We decided we are going to fly in a week and a half before the wedding. 

The part we are not decided on is when to leave to go home after the wedding.  We can't take our honeymoon until december so we will just be going home to our normal lives. 

Do we get married on saturday, and then head to the airport the next day to get back to florida, or do we spend that sunday hanging out with the family and then head back home on monday. 

The fi says he would like to hang out with the family the next day but that just seems a little weird to me, the day after our wedding to just spend the day with our families and sleep at their house before we head back home.

Thoughts?  Opinions please don't know what to do!

Re: What to do about travel after wedding

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    WzzWzz member
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    you know yu can just have brunch with your family and NOT hang out with them all day, and still fly home on monday.
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    Fly home on Monday.  You will appreciate not having to rush off to the airport the next day.  The day of the wedding will go so fast, it'll give you some extra time to spend with family and friends who won't be around before the wedding.
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    Fly home Monday.  I left for my HM the day after my wedding and it was very hectic, even though I thought I was giving myself enough time having an evening flight.  You'll appreciate that extra day/time, no matter what you do with it.
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    6again6again member
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    If you've got the vacation time go home Monday.
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    Monday but don't spend the whole day with the family. I'd go crazy if I had to spend more time with mine then needed.
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