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A reality TV review and maybe recommendation, for hmo

I watched an episode of this show on MTV called "Friend Zone", and oh my, was it terrible.

The first girl (she could be MAYBE 19, tops) is mooning over what is obviously her gay friend, and talking about how in love with him she is, so as is apparently the show's MO, she invited him to come over and help her get ready for a big blind date (obviously it's a big deal, because there's a camera crew there for all of this) and then ride along with her to the site of the date.  I guess the presence of the crew gives a plausible reason for her being so jittery and weird about going on a date with someone she supposedly has never met and doesn't even know if she likes, so it has that going for it. 

Anyway, after she puts on an outfit he picks out for her, they go to the date site, and she confesses her feelings to him.  OMG, the look on his face!  Some random-ass guy decided to make a big confession to me like this once (without anyone putting it on TV or anything), and I felt exactly the way this guy looked.  His face is frozen in this rictus of a smile, except that the more she says, the more the edges of the smile go a little... square.  Smile turns into grimace, grimace turns into "OMG, is my mother right?  If I make this face, will it get stuck this way?"

Despite all of this, he says that yes, he will go out on a date with her.  But the whole thing is super awkward, with him making sarcastic comments on the romance of a first date with a camera crew following you around.  Then they make out at the end, and I actually put my hands over my eyes, it's so uncomfortable.

The second friend zone woman was worse.  Possibly more on that later.
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