Feeling pollish

What are your top three favorite somewhat wedding-related blogs?  List them. 

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    carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Mine are:

    Ruffled (fka Vintage Glam blog) - http://ruffledblog.com/
    This one has just gorgeous weddings, really good ideas that I think I could actually do, and features weddings that aren't always coordinated by someone other than the bride (looking at you, SMP!)

    This one focuses on the different elements of gorgeous weddings.  

    I love that this blog features real weddings that are affordable, adorable, with elements that are doable.

    A side note, I'm sick of SMP.  That site is like looking at page after page of Vogue - pretty stuff, but not anything I can afford and rarely features things normal ppl could manage themselves (well, maybe if I was a tapestry maker or something, but come on, who DOES that?)
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    It's too early ... I read that and thought "how can someone 'feel' Polish?". Oy.

    Offbeat bride (link)
    The Broke-A$$ Bride (link)
    And a new one thanks to KST :) : Ruffled (link)

    1st year anniversary in Victoria with a killer whale topiary!
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    I personally love

    I DIY,   www.i-do-it-yourself.com

    Style me pretty, had great photos.

    and last but not least, inspire the bride.com YAY!
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    alyssa324alyssa324 member
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    I love love love

    oncewed dot com

    ruffledblog dot com

    and i am not much of a rock n roll bride but i love the blog
    rocknrollbride dot com
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    ruffled snippetandink cinderella project
    Newlywed Athlete Blog
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    Kirkland 5k - 5/13/12 - 31:59
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    I am so far out of the loop!  I didn't know ANY of these existed!

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    Snippet&Ink - I'm a color nut and her boards are so gorgeous!


    Style Me Pretty - out of my budget, but I likes me some pretties!
    Daisypath Vacation tickers
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