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Food confession

The only Mac and Cheese I've ever eaten came from a blue box. I feel like I'm missing out when I hear of pasta-y goodness made with smoked gouda.

Re: Food confession

  • :-O:::shun:::
  • It's one of the easiest foods you can make. You should try it some time.
  • Confession: I hate most homemade mac and cheese. I want it to be super cheesy. I actually like the blue box but I eat it like once a year.
  • You've never experienced baked mac and cheese from Big Mama. Ha. Cause you know the best mac and chesse is always made by some lady named Big Mama.
  • I think I'll make it for dinner tonight. But will I ever be able to return to the boxed stuff? It's kind of comfort food for me. I would be sad to lose it.
  • yes, you can do both.  i hereby grant you permission.btw, it's easier to add a crust or add-ins like bacon to a homemade mac and cheese.
  • omg. bacon. Now I'm really excited about smoked gouda and bacon mac and cheese.
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    Homemade mac and cheese is awesome, but it's completely different from the box.  You'll be fine. I love my homemade but I also love my store brand cheapy stuff with a can of tuna fish.  I know it's gross.
  • Sometimes it just feels good to dance with the devil.
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  • Enjoying homemade mac & cheese is like enjoying Italian food. This doesn't stop you from eating the box does it? Like WZ, I too adore Velveeta mac & cheese despite the very processed nature of it.
  • No, no people. If you're gonna eat boxed mac & cheese, it HAS to be the powdered stuff from Kraft.
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