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This puppy is going to be kilt

Kilt DED. We just found them in the garden DIGGING UP MY LEEKS AND ONIONS!!!!!!! I'm so peeved. I know this got started b/c of that stupid rabbit that was trying to nest in the garden. Bennett hasn't been able to stay out of it. Since he went in it, Zelda had to go in it. I'm in full strop mode. I wasn't going to be able to have those until the fall anyway. Stupid dog. I might try replanting them, just to see what happens. They can stay in the ground over winter, so it might work. Maybe. *crying at spilt leeks*

Re: This puppy is going to be kilt

  • Varuna, we need to start a puppy digging/chewing support group. What I've discovered: Puppies don't like rosemary. So you can have that in your garden.Also, Onions are poisonous to dogs. You may just want to get rid of them. Sorry. :(
  • Dogs. They can be SO rotten sometimes. Mine got on my kitchen counter the other day.
  • Theyre not eating them, but thats good to know. They just throw them around. We're going to Lowes tonight to get a taller, sturdier fence that Bennett cant get over and she cant get under (which is whats happening now). Also, marigolds to help keep them out.
  • ::thanking lucky stars for a dog that doesn't dig or counter surf---yet::
  • Marigolds are def. in my future. Bill has killed all my flowers. Sometimes I want to kill Bill, but then he looks at me with those HUGE ears and big droopy eyes, and I can't help but love him.
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    Marigolds keep them out my foot!I put 8 marigolds in my new flower bed + everything else.I have 2 marigolds left.  Dawg dug up/ate/sat on the other 4.
  • We're getting her into a puppy class. She knows sit and DROP IT, but we need soem discipline. And Bennett is regressing, either b/c of watching her or being pissed about her. That mfer actually got DHs food on teh table when we ran outside to get her out of the garden. Iw as SHOCKED, hes never done something like that before. And Iknow he knows better, b/c when we came in, he was slinking away with his tail between his legs.
  • well, theyre not fool proof. we usually do a lien of marigolds, line of (fill in flower/vegetable) then another line of marigolds. It also keeps bad bugs away somewhat.
  • Ugh....Jake picks up the bad habits of every foster and makes sure to teach him his, in return. Spray them with a water bottle if you catch them in there.
  • varuna-the regression happened with Su-Lee too! Suddenly she forgot all of her potty training. It's much better now that she's used to Bill, but the first few weeks with the new pup were very trying. And shitfilled.
  • Min-that's what H is afraid of when getting a 2nd dog.
  • Its just been awhile since we've had a puppy. Libby came to us as an adult. Bennett was a puppy 7 years ago and not int he house. In a weird way, it was easier to have a puppy in the apartment, b/c space was more limited.
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