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What's for dinner?

We're having roasted pork w/ rice and pole beans. What are you guys having?

Re: What's for dinner?

  • finishing left over pasta salad (which I had for lunch), hard boiled eggs and possibly some sausages. We're defrosting/cleaning the fridge and freezer tonight and tomorrow.
  • IDFK (I don't fcking know)...I have to pick up the house tonight because my nieces are coming to stay with us tomorrow night.  I'll probably just make grilled cheese or something.  DH has school.
  • Since DH is still whining about having food poisoning from eating that Florida lobster, I'll probably be getting my free birthday burrito from Moe's and having that.
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  • No idea. I desperately need to go to the grocery store so I'm thinking I will pick up some steaks or something. DH has been whining that all we eat is fish. Maybe a slab of beef with quit his b!tching.
  • Pork on the grill, grilled green beans with mushrooms and brown rice.
  • I'm going to my parents house so either nasty chicken enchiladas from Costco, okay lasagna from Costco or pizza from a chain pizza restaurant. My mom is an awesome cook.
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  • Grilled salmon with fresh rosemary, some summer/zucchini squash with parm cheese, and a salad.  I feel the need for something else, but I'm not having any inspirations.
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