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What's the deal?

Why don't people want to leave voicemail?Yes, you can hold, but don't expect me to go into the other room and rip the phone out of the dude's hands, cause it ain't happenin'!

Re: What's the deal?

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    When I answered phones and a caller wanted to hold, I'd tell them that his calender indicated a conference call lasting 1 hour - ending 1 hour from whenever the caller rang.  Worked great. 
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    I get people that will call me 4 times in a row w/o leaving messages. The women that answer the phones get SO pissed. "Sir, I just spoke to you. If Mrs. Dino is on the phone she will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave her a message. No, I won't take a message for you. That's what VOICEmail is for."
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