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I wish I had a picture for Busy

I slept on the couch Friday night b/c DH was snoring so loudly and woke up with my back aching.  I was in the attic getting stuff ready to ship for Etsy when I felt something go and my back hurt terribly.  I managed to get out of the attic & to the couch, where I've been since Saturday.  My back itself feels much better (maybe 60% better- I can actually sit up to eat now) but I have 2nd degree burns in about a 4x4 area between my pant waist & where my shirt rode up because the heating pad came out of it's sleeve and I accidentally slept on it for 6 hours.Yeah, it's awesome and I'm an idiot.   Thank god my MIL is a nurse & I get to avoid the ER & doctor's office as long as it doesn't become infected.  Lucy the kitten has some mighty kitty magic, she's been snuggling me hardcare & keeping my company between reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels & watching The Fresh Prince & HGTV. 
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