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The peanut butter & chocolate cake is the schizz.  I did follow all of the directions to a T, especially with letting the cake layers freeze up before frosting and letting frosting firm up in the fridge between the crumb coat & final layer of frosting and then again before drizzling the top with the chocolate.It is extremely rich.  I never knew or understood what "too rich" meant until I ate a small piece of this cake.  The cream cheese is very subtle and I might just trick DH into eating it (with just not mentioning the whole cream cheese part).  I made him try the chocolate cake (made with sour cream) and he thought it was teh ossum.  What he doesn't know won't kill him.  I put a piece in my mom's fridge for her and she wondered where I bought such a pretty cake.  I suck at decorating cakes.  chocolate + peanut butter = WIN!
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    ali, thank you so much for this review.  i really appreciate it and am now totally looking forward to baking hijinks this weekend!!
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