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Fi and I are finally going to get "real" e-pics from our photographer. We are really excited. She said we could wear two outfits, possibly three if we really wanted. It's going to be a busy weekend of wedding checks while we are on the westside of the state doing our pictures. This will be our first time meeting with our photographer :)

Things I'm trying to remember to do beforehand- make up at MAC, whiten teeth, paint nails...

Any reccomendations or tips on what to wear? Ect...


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    Clean ring!

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    I have heard that it is good to wear two very different outfits, i.e jeans and a cute shirt, and a dress for the other. And maybe the same for the FI, something casual and something a bit more formal. But I think it kinda depends on where you will be going for pics, etc.
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    I have a couple tips. In one or both of your outfits, have a bright/bold color. It really pops and looks amazing. Also, if FI is wearing a short sleeve, you should wear a short sleeve, if you're wearing long sleeves, he should too. (Photog came up with that. :0))

    I would also wear an outfit that can look like two outfits.. like a cute shirt with a light jacket, take the jacket off and you have 2 looks with the same outfit.. I would also wear something that you would regularly wear and then something dressy, a skirt or dress and heels is adorable!

    Good luck!

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    Avoid very fine stripes as they can end up playing some havoc with lenses. True, it's worse with moving images like video or film but can still come across as really busy on still photography.
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