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PW: Laptop Recs?

We got a bonus (thank you taxpayers for voting to give some money to the teachers!) and I'm going to treat myself to a new laptop for my birthday (25 today!). Anyone want to recommend theirs, or one that you know is decent? I don't need the best on the market, but I do want something that will last. It will be used mostly for email, pictures, and a little bit of online gaming.

Re: PW: Laptop Recs?

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    Happy birthday! I love my HP Pavillion. I"ve had it for 3 years and it's still working like new. The newer ones are very good.
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    You can get an Acer from BB that will be as good as any of the bigger names brands for about 1/2 the cost.Dell also always has great sales going on with theirs.
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    i love my macbook
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    I've had my dell laptop since 2003 and it is doing fine.
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    I just bought a Dell inspiron 15 - direct from Dell. They generally have pretty good sales. I get an additional corporate discount, and I got free shipping.
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    My current one is a Dell and I was considering getting another one since H gets a discount with them through his company. However, I wasn't sure if there were other ones that people would recommend more since I haven't bought one in 5 years.
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    Happy Birthday! And stay away from Gateway. We only had our laptop for 13 months (the warranty was over after 12) when the screen died. Boo!
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    We have a Toshiba and a Dell. I'd take the Dell any day.
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