Wedding Woes

Another AW: Rock Band

I got my Beatles Limited Edition Rock Band bundle on pre-order.  I'm super stoked and expect to be hoarse or voiceless on Wednesday of next week.It comes with a wireless microphone and stand, a new wireless guitar made to look like Paul's bass, and a new set of wireless drums that are pearlized and have an actual kick drum to mimic Ringo's drums.  I'm super excited, b/c 1) I love Rock Band; 2) it'll be great to have everything wireless now.  Means we can spread it out a bit at parties rather than everyone hovering around the TV; and 3) I'm putting a scarf on my microphone.  Also, we'll have 2 sets of drums now, so we can have drumming contests.  Plus, we'll have enough instruments to have harmony if we like and fun guitar/drum battles.
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