Wedding Woes

LS, I think you care too much

Clearly, your H's diet is causing issues w/HIS digestive system, but let him deal with it.  Stop wishing, praying and pushing that he'll try new foods or alter his diet to be more healthy 100% of the time. Would it be great if my H enjoyed every food that I do?  Sure.  But I accept small victories - he likes lima beans, green beans, peas and corn.  He loves fresh fruit and fiber-rich cereal.  He also eats Taco Bell several times a week and eats too much too often.  He won't eat my homemade chili, but has no issues ordering a vat of it at Steak n Shake.  I don't try to explain/understand/justify HIS diet.  It's his problem.  And if it kills him, so be it.

Re: LS, I think you care too much

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