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I am too old

To help drink 7 bottles of wine until 5 am.  That was Tuesday.Wednesday.  Again with the 5am.  I almost just stayed up to say hi to you hookers and then crash out.  That was just beer, but it was about 3 bottles of high end high alcohol beer total.I'm going to have to sleep for the rest of the week.  And my liver is giving me the middle finger and I'm swearing it off until after the LSAT.  Also, I remembered why I quit smoking, but DANG it was nice while it lasted.

Re: I am too old

  • I stayed out late, until 3AM on Saturday. Then I slept all day Sunday. This is my body's natural rhythm - stay up till 3, wake around 10. I've stayed up late every night since and it is messing with me. College life lent itself well to this schedule. No matter how hard I try, 8 - 5 kills me. I can be here at 8, but I'll just drool on my keyboard until about 9:30.
  • Hrmph. And you were giving me crap about "how drunk WERE you?" at my bparty :P I can tell you I didn't drink a % of that much ;)
    image Gone too Soon.
  • I have to say, I wasn't sober, but I wasn't horribly drunk.  We started around 4, so this was over 12 hours with dinner and other food stuffs.  You put two foodies/winos together, with one who brought his 4 bottles from his wine club to taste, plus what I had bought for him...well, it's gotta be drank, y'know?  :)
  • Well that's a different story, with that amount of drinking time. We be drankin'.  
    image Gone too Soon.
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