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Gee, she's a brat

Here's the story, apologies in advance if I go on a tangent.My parents divorced about 13 years ago.... My mother received a beautiful .75ct round from my Dad for her engagement ring...which she kept. I had asked her when I was about 15 if we could incorporate the ring/stone in my wedding...she said yes. Not too long before I graduated from college my mom had mentioned the stone(which was last year) and said she was going to go get it cleaned and appraised. I got very upset because I thought she was selling it...she then said she was thinking about having it set as a pendant for my college graduation gift...needless to say I was so happy...and what an awesome graduation gift! Although my parents marriage ended-the symbol of that ring/stone still means a lot to me. My mom then decided to announce two weeks before my fiance was proposing(which she knew, he asked both parents permission) that she was going to marry her long time boyfriend(whom I dislike, very much)...she was married two weeks after my engagement. I sucked it up and was there for my mom..because well...shes my mom. I noticed she had a beautiful necklace on at her wedding. I asked about it and she kind of ignored my question.(thankfully she did not wear white..i told her it would be a little obvious she was not "pure" when you have two children and an ex-husband)She had the stone from my dad set in a necklace for wear at HER second wedding...(i cant tell you how much fun it was to hear, oh so your next at my moms wedding-it took everything out of me to say no...not next-SHE ALREADY HAD A 200 person wedding..this is not a real wedding!) I wear white gold or platinum...i have never liked yellow gold(which she knows), and thats what she set it in. I went from being ecstatic that my mom was going to give me the stone to wear on my wedding day...and now it appears I'll never get it...and even if she offered it to me for the day, it would not go with any other jewelery I was planning on wearing...including my engagement ring!Should I be upset? My aunt(her sister) is more like a friend to me than an aunt, and I told her how upset I was about this. She offered to let me go through her jewelery and pick out something "borrowed" shes got beautiful jewelery...but its still not the same, my mothers stone really means alot to me...and I feel as if she has been really selfish in regards to my wedding(you know its only the most important day of my life..but thats a story for another day, for one-my aunt also had to go dress shopping with me at one point because my mom was too busy being a newlywed)
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