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People are FB dumb

Case #1A woman asked to friend me after a politically interesting debate on someone's comment.  Now, I know T&M and she knows them.  I know her husband by reputation, but didn't know he had a wife.  WTH would you want to be friends with me?  I don't want to see your updates, why do you want to see mine?Case #2A very good friend of mine and his mother are having some really difficult times.  His mother has gone way fundamental right wing Christian Republican.  He basically left their wing and became a Democrat (I had somewhat to do with that, but his new girlfriend now wife had TONS, as well as his own journey regarding certain issues).  She sent him a video that was very religious, forwarding the idea that we need God back in America.He reposted it in his status update, then had 3 very long comments in it.  He is FB friends with both of his parents.  I didn't see this until 21 comments were already posted or I would've called him and told him to remove that before he started a damn fire.  He basically had a humongous fight with his mother over FB, referenced a personal phone call that had to be made, and then finally deleted it.  FB dumb.

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