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Co-irker is trying to burn the place down...

Just now, we started smelling this burning smell in our area.  We started standing up and looking around.  This chick in the next row has a heater on AND she 'sprayed something' and that's what was causing the burning smell.  One of the ladies from my row said, "you should probably turn that off because it's not safe."  Co-irker says, "But I'm cooolldd!"  They argued back and forth for a minute.  And the lady from my row said, "well when you burn the place down, I'm going to send them your way."  We all sat down and rolled our eyes at each other. When co-irker stepped away from her desk, one of the guys from the row next to us popped up and told us that he turns off the heater everytime she's not looking!  He says it makes him too hot.  Annoying co-irker in my row kept saying that the smell was going to make her "unswallow".  ACK...that's worse that saying you're going to throw up.

Re: Co-irker is trying to burn the place down...

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    That kind of stuff is strictly prohibited in my (old) office.  They would come around and inspect every once in a while.  They even made people get rid of those stupid little coffee cup warmers.  And rumor had it that the space heater inspections turned up toaster ovens, TVs and microwaves in people's cubes when they first started.  SMH! 

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