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STF, y'all

A 2 person bath plus sexy times? THURSDAY WIN!Also - after all the talk about bras I went out and got measured. I now have bras that fit. I also have a sad over the size and wonder how long I've actually been this size.

Re: STF, y'all

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    Yay for communal bathing! I don't want to go for a bra fitting because I'm scared to hear the letter(s).  Right now the girls are getting covered and not dragging the floor, so I'm leaving good enough alone.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    New bras are awesome aren't they? I don't even want to think about sexy time.  DH has been very snippy with me this week- what little we've talked.  I know he's working ungodly hours.  I'm working extra hours too, plus keeping all of us feed and clothed and taking 100% care of 6let.I can't wait for this week to end.
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