Wedding Woes

minm, i am hosebeast wife.

dh has a guy friend that i do not like. maybe it's the constant "i am awesome, let me tell you why, and afterwards you can agree with me," the denigration of his wife, the insane homophobia, or something else entirely. anyhoo, after THE LONGEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE, the dude said, "hey, we should do this every year." y'all, i nearly left a hmonkey-shaped hole in a cinderblock wall. dh, because he is nice, said, "yes! that would be awesome." after we left and went home, i told dh, "i am sorry. i have to be honest. i HATE that dude. like ... you know how india and pakistan are like right next to each other, and you would think they would get along, but they totally don't? okay, i'm india, he's pakistan, but i have a nuclear bomb. it's not that i don't ever want to see him again or don't want you to, i just don't want to see him every year. srsly, yo -- my heart stopped when you said 'yes.'" dh understood. the dude is like one of his oldest friends, and it's not like i wanted to drop him entirely, i just didn't want to see him. because dh thought it would be weird for him to go alone, dude comes here (without the wife who he hates). i know it makes me look bad and i regret that, but the alternative is that dh, dude and i get together, and i pop off.
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