Vendor Reviews and OMJ advice

Our reviews are on our wedding blog:


In the end everything worked out. But were some real touch-and-go moments, especially with the tuxedos />:| .

As for advice, a couple of things your FI may not be thinking about that probably affect the groom more than the bride:
  • Practice kissing so as not to smudge your makeup/cover him in lipstick. This is the big one! If you don't do this, your new DH will be very confused as to why you are just pecking at him, and he will end up craning way in to compensate. This makes for hilarious photos, but it's really very awkward.
  • Drink one drink fewer than you think you should. Being buzzed at your wedding is fine, but since both of you are going to be running around and you won't have that much time to eat, it's easy to get one too many sheets to the wind. Erring on the side of too little drinking is better than too much.
  • If you're indoors, you need more white wine. Because it will be hot with all those people there. Our caterer suggested 50-50 white/red for fall/winter weather, but if you're indoors, 2/3s white and 1/3 red makes more sense. We ran out of white wine by the time ot the toast. Thankfully there were plenty of hard liquor drinkers.
  • Handcuff your new DH to you when you are making the rounds/ in the receiving line. This goes both ways, but the main point is that both of you will have the tendency to drift towards your guests rather than say hello to everyone as a couple. But people will want to see the two of you as a couple.

    Also keep in mind that you don't actually have time to talk to everyone if you have 100+ guests at your wedding. Spend more time on OOT guests and older family members; less time on people you'll see again soon. But really you only have time to talk to the entire table at once. It's a bummer, but there's not really any good way around it.
Use this thread for "ask a married dude anything" if there's something you think your FI is forgetting about :).

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