Wedding Woes

DH is high as a kite

He's been sick for 2 days and really felt like he was okay to go back to school/work today.  He's been taking Robitussin.  He apparently drank some Mountain Dew with it.  He says he's high as a kite now and it's a good thing it only lasts for 4 hours or he wouldn't be driving home.Fun times.

Re: DH is high as a kite

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    Child's play. Tell him to come to my house. They have put me on sooo many different things, I am a forking one woman Walgreen's. Percocet, Tramadol, Hydrocodone - got it. Xanax, valium - got it. Various SSRIs, anti-dizzy pills, antibiotics, prescription cough syrup with hydrocodone it....check, check, check. I am loading it all up to donate this weekend. Ugh....I feel like a drug dealer.
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