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gahssip (this should've been my first post)

exBFF's friend is married to a man who is a deacon at a church here. Everyone thinks he's the best thing since invention of the tampon.He has had a child outside their marriage who is getting ready to turn 1 and this past Thursday he was picked up in a prostitution sting.exBFF asked me had I seen it in the paper or ont he news because they plastered his name and picture all over the place.She says her friend told her. "Maybe I deserved it." I died a thousand times. This girl is the baddest chick on the block (according to her) until it comes to this man and then she's all meek and mild and can't find anybody else and no one else will want her.The backstory to this is LOOOOOOOONG and convoluted, but I was sitting all mouth agape because YOU KNOW she went to church with him Sunday morning like nothing was wrong.
"I would be sad if sex was only about the climax, lame." Someone who is obviously doing it wrong

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