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Poor kid

6let is between clothes and the weather is weird right now.  His outfit was okay this morning, but well things changed.  He had a blow out this morning and they put on the clothes in his bag- black girl pants (they have elastic at the ankle so they look more like leggings), a onesie that is a little small and the writing is wearing off.  It's chilly so they put his sweatshirt back on- a navy blue and red striped one.I wish I could say this was a fluke, but I put the clothes in thinking it was a halfway decent "backup outfit."  I was very, very wrong.Maybe he'll gets some clothes Sunday.

Re: Poor kid

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    I hope DD doesn't have a blowout today. I put a warm-weather outfit on her this a.m. and it's freaking adorable. I hate it when she craps on cute clothes and I pick her up and they've put a blah onesie on her.
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    It happens. I wouldn't go buy him any before the party, cause 1 year olds usually get ALOT of clothes for their birthdays. He can hold out till then and you will know better what you need to go buy to fill in what he doesn't get.
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    I hate that too nicole. Peg- as long as he is covered I don't normally care what he has on.  Today is just especially bad.
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