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Hmmmmm Kinda Weird (looong)

MIL joined eHarmony about 2 months ago.  I remember her telling me explicitly "I just want to have fun, not like I want to get married or anything".  Okay, I was down with that.  The woman is 0 for 2 sooo.She starts talking to this guy who apparently worked with H and his siblings at a grocery store probably 15 years ago, and none of them really remember him.  They connect over a tragic incident that was a turning point in H's life and MIL is all "isn't it sooooo weird and coincidental".  She has a thing with weird connections being "fate" or whatever.  H invited MIL over last week to see our newly remodeled bathroom and she says, "well I'm not sure what R is doing, blah blah blah".  H never invited R, but apparently MIL can't do anything without R anymore.  R and MIL, (plus 12 yo SIL and R's 10 yo daughter) show up on Sunday and he's a nice enough guy.  Nothing to look at, etc his daughter is mildly retarded or at least acts that way.  She's a sweetheart though, so I guess that's something positive to throw in there.Come yesterday H gets a phone message from R asking him if we all want to get together because his son is in town.  At 5:00 on a Thursday.  Okaaayyy?  No.  I have a feeling MIL is behind all of this and that she's pushing us all to be a giant "happy family".  We weren't a typical "happy family" before, so she's delusional.  I just think it's strange that she's all yippy skippy about this dude and he's nothing awesome to look at.  I guess I'll just have to put on my happy face.  So glad we're not going.

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