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Oh MIL...

So when DH talked to her about FIL's new job, her response was "Well it's not [name of former company] money, but I'll take it."  He formerly worked for a union at a engine building plant.  The plant CLOSED.  He was out of work for ALMOST TWO YEARS and had a btch of a time finding a job.  They've been "just making it".  This job's salary is nothing to sneeze at...but all she sees is that it's about $10 less per hour and he doesn't get benefits. He's starting as a contractor, if he gets on, he'll get benefits, but he'll have to pay for them out of his paycheck. I shouldn't be surprised...She reacts negatively all.the.time.  When DH told her that he was going to pursue a college degree, she told him, "You can't do that.  You don't have the time."  Here we are less a year from graduation. Oh MIL, you make me shake my damn head.

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