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Her Toes, Unveiled

I made a new friend over the winter, and we decided to become roommates in the coming year. But the change of seasons, and footwear, revealed that she keeps her toenails very long, giving them a clawlike appearance. I find this lack of hygiene offensive and shudder to think of her walking barefoot in our apartment. How can I communicate my discomfort without creating bad feelings? ~ AnonymousLiving together successfully requires compromise — for you, as well as Lady Long Nails. Assuming she bathes regularly, her toenails are perfectly hygienic, just ugly. If you feel super strongly, try: “This may sound crazy, but long toenails freak me out. Would you consider trimming yours?” Otherwise, keep your lips zipped and pretend you have adopted a golden retriever puppy: Just lay down some extra carpeting to protect your hardwood floors from roomie’s talons.
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