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My FI Lied.... From: meganlcornelius Date: 10/8/2009 at 7:00 AM So recently, last weekend, I found out my FI lied to me. He has actually lied to me about this particular subject for 3+ years. The lie? My FI has always said when the subject came up that he had, but when in fact, he has never graduated from college. At this point I am not upset ab him not graduating from college but I am upset about him lying! He has multiple opportunites to tell me the truth and never did. He says that he never told me bc he was ashamed. Now I am left to wonder, was this a one time thing or will it happen again? My trust in him is def damaged. Any suggetions or advice as to what I should do?Thanks....and sorry for the heavy subject.---------For me, yes.

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    Dealbreaker, yes. 'Cause you know he's been fronting about how great he isfrom the beginning. You know when they met he was all, "Oh yeah, I graduated from So-and-so college, I work at Z and Y company blah blah blah."
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    "I would be sad if sex was only about the climax, lame." Someone who is obviously doing it wrong
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    Plus, OP said she had helped the guy with his resume. So he's been lying to employers too. Must be a real stand-up guy.
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    If it had been told at the outset, not necessarily. Man went to (and completed) a trade school, but never went to a 4 year university. I've always known that. In this situation, dealbreaker. You lie about something like that, I'm sure there are more things she still hasn't figured out.
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    *psh* he'd have to go!
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    yup, a three year lie is a dealbreaker for me.
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    Yes. Three years and an engagement before he fessed up? Got to go, sorry.
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    that just screams "creepy stalkery husband who lives a double life and murders me someday". To me.It's one thing to tell a fib, it's another to live a lie for years on end.
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    That much lying is a dealbreaker for me, particularly if he was lying to employers too.
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