Wedding Woes

::brushes shoulder off::

We made more money this year at Puggerfest than ever before. More than a 1/3 of the revenue came from the concession stand that H, my friend, me, and a couple of other volunteers were running.Usually they only do food from 11-1, but we worked until 3. After 3:00, we still had some food, so I had the announcer say everything was 1/2 off. People came surging back and would pay the 1/2 price, but told us to keep the change (so we ended up with the full price anyway!). One guy would take the money, H was manning the grill, I would get people their drinks, friend was in charge of chips and cookies, and the other guy was re-stocking the drinks. When I asked people what they wanted to drink, they would say water, coke, etc., but I tell you, I didn't hear ONE thank you. I got their money, I guess that is what is important.

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