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Min re: the dentist

My dentist has a note in his file not to use the sonic thing on me.  It gives me on helluva headache b/c of the vibration in my cheekbones, I think. He said, "You'd rather me scrape?"  I said, "Yes."  He said, "Well, okay weirdo." 

Re: Min re: the dentist

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    Yesterday was the cleaning, and because I am an AVID brusher and flosser I am in and out in NO time. This was to get a cavitiy filled. (This cavity has been in the workds for three years). It wasn't that bad. I medicated myself, they novacained me, and I put on my headphones, and said, "let me know when it is over." Dave took me through it all. It didn't take that long, but I have a headache behind my right eye (the cavity was on the right side). I don't know if it is b/c of the work, or an anxiety cause migraine. This might be the beginnings of an aura. Dammit.
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