Wedding Woes

I'm going to tell you of my strange dreams...

I was doing poorly last night.To the point where I couldn't keep down my vicoden and needed to take phenergen in order to try to keep it down.Phenergen makes me loopy in ways vicoden never could possibly touch. ANd it puts me to sleep.So stack 2 vicoden on a 1/2 a phenergen and send me to bed and strange things happen.I don't remember a lot, but I remember breast-feeding and I looked down and there was a hole in my bewb And by hole in, I mean, it was hard and you could see inside--nothing gross.ANd--you know sometimes a saltine cracker will have a 'bubble'? and under you can see the rest of the cracker? It was like that. There was a hole and you could see the 'real' bewb in there--apparently the baby had drunk it down so that it was an inch smaller but the outside hadn't shrunk, only the inside. So I had to, cracker like, break off the outside 'old' bewb.And I think that's the least weird dream of the night.(oh, and all of the above happened in the bedroom I had as a kid---decorated in the horrid pinkness it was when I was 8.)

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