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One thing that sucks

My Uncle Bubba (yes, I married into a Southern family) built this home for his wife so they could have the entire family over for holidays. When he built it, he designed it so his MIL, who is in a wheel chair, could get around (wide door frames, etc.).This house is awesome. It has the feature where it heats the water on demand so all of us can take back to back showers and no one gets cold water. He has the stereo hooked up so he can have it playing in any combination of rooms. THE KITCHEN. The kitchen is like the size of our duplex. He has super deep/wide drawers so he can get Costco sized plastic wrap and foil and keep it in there with the cutter at then end.Now his wife has decided her mom needs to go into a home and she wants a divorce. I am so sad that the family is losing that house. I asked H to get a job in Mississippi just so we could have the house. It's beautiful. Deers come up to the back yard....they have a lake, with trailers out there to pass out in if you get drunk at the lake. The good life.

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