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So Bro is over with nephew and we're sitting around and SIL (bro's wife) calls and he talks to her in front of all of us.  Hangs up and shares some news.The night before Nephew had some friends spend the night.  One friend went home, he didn't feel well and his mom took him to the hospital.  Yep, friend has H1N1.  So I'm just hoping we all don't come down with it.  I think it's pretty inevitable that Nephew gets it.  I mean, they play video games, which means...*cough on hand*, *handing over remote*, *touching of said remote*, *itching of eyes*.Crap.

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    I think I read where 1 in 10 will get it.  Obama has declared it a national emergency.  It's strange all of the things it's affecting- my newscasters, college football, heck pro football, basketball, all of the schools.Although I will say most places aren't even testing anymore.  If you have the symptoms it's H1N1 even though it may very well be something else.
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    There are just as many deaths yearly from the "regular" flu than H1N1.  I guess it's "fun" to sensationalize something new.
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