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Have you ever ordered it by mail? Last time I went to Mackinac was 6ish years ago for my brothers wedding. They had it for favors and I collected ALL leftoevers. The next best I have found is in Gatlinburg, but its not even close. I have almost ordered but wonder how fresh it stays.

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    I've actually never had to order it by mail...I have enough family up in the area I just have one of 'em bring it down.I"m spoiled.
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    Can someone please explain non-fudge?
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    My brother did live up there and went to LSSU, but he graduated and moved so I have nobody that close. When we do make it to MI its always a rush for a wedding/graduation or something. My family is all in Grand Rapids so no trips that far north in awhile. I must do it next time though.
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    I honestly couldn't tell you what makes it different...but it does taste different.I'll ask my old roomie who worked summers feeding the fudgies at some point.I know it MUST be mixed ona marble slab that's kept in controlled temp and humidity.  But I don't know what else.(of course, said roomie might not be the person to ask...I know there was roomie's spit in more than one badtch)
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    huh, apparently it IS the marble slabs?  or at least the humidity aspect as it 'oxidizes' and cools is a slow-oxidized confection with carefully blended, strong flavors. Wellmade fudge is often praised with words like “smooth” and “chocolaty.” In classic Mackinac Island fudge, the soft-ball syrup is poured out onto a marble confectioners’ table and slowly hand-paddled into logs with a spatula. The syrup cannot be logged until it dries, cools, and thickens. Ironically, this drying process is especially slow in a humid environment, such as that enjoyed in Mackinac Island summers. Watching a candymaker slowly paddle a tabletop of Mackinac Island fudge syrup gives one a glimpse of the importance of our island humidity to the creation of genuine Mackinac Island fudge. It cannot be made anywhere else, even with exactly the same ingredients.
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